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Orthokeratology is a process where it allows you to wear a contact lens overnight thus allowing you to not need to wear a contact lens or glasses during the day time by inducing a flattening if the central cornea. Orthokeratology works by inducing a flattening of the central cornea. This is achieved by the re-distribution of cells on the corneal surface. This then allows the cornea to focus light and information coming into the eye correctly onto the retina.

Ideal candidates

1) Soft wearers
2)  Contact lens drop outs
3)  Spectacle wearers
4) People interested in refractive surgery

The prescription parameters that work best are Myopia (short sighted)

-1.00DS to -5.50DS as a sphere correction, with astigmatism up to -2.50 in most cases. We use the Eyedream software and have found the most popular lens design is the reverse geometry lens, which induces faster and increased myopia reduction when worn overnight. A prescription reduction of 70% is possible after the first nights wear and total correction is effected after 1-month.

Future developments will include lens designs that eliminate higher degrees of myopia, hyperopia (long sightedness) and presbyopia (the normal reading deterioration with age).

Please contact us at the Masons Ave practice for further information. The branch has treated patients using Orthokeratology since 2005, so register your interest and one of our team will contact you for a consultation.

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