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Eye Examination

Eye examinations are essential to monitor eye health and maintain the best vision possible. The use of computers has increased significantly through the years and thus we have all the equipment available to test for VDU specific conditions.

We strive to provide the most thorough eye examinations using latest technology and equipment so you, the patient have full confidence in our findings and recommended management.

The importance of a sight test

What to expect?

Our eye examinations usually last about half an hour but we will advise you if you require any extra specific tests and how long these may take.

Each eye examination is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the individual patient.

As well as including all tests to check for your sight and to see if any vision correction is required (e.g. spectacles, contact lenses), We also check the health of the eye as well as the muscle balance within the eyes.


We explain every assessment carried out and at the end a recommendation is given by the optometrist which takes into account factors such as your working environment, lifestyle and any leisure pursuits you have, so we can meet your visual needs in the best possible way. 

How often should one have an eye examination?

We advise regular eye examinations for everyone including children even when you are not experiencing any difficulties. Normally those who are using the computer on a regular basis are advised to get checked every year however the maximum time between each eye test should be two years. Please contact us if you have any queries or questions about our eye examination and related issues, we would be most happy to advise you.

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