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Contact Lenses

Modern technological advances mean that contact lens are available to 99% of the population. They are now more comfortable, affordable and convenient alternatives to glasses when it comes to sport and social acitivites, where spectacles may not be the most practical solution.

Naturally contact lenses are there to correct our everyday vision however most recent advances in technology have seen the introduction of varifocal contact lenses. This allows those people who have reached the age of presbyopia to see both in the distance and at near without having to wear reading glasses over the top of their lenses.


What is involved?

During our contact lens consultations, the optometrist will initially have a chat with you to discuss the above in more detail and ascertain your expectations. Considerations such as your lifestyle, leisure activities, and working environment will be made and then the appropriate measurements and necessary tests will be carried out before you are given professional advice on the most suitable lenses for you.

Once the best contact lens of choice has been selected you will then be taught how to insert and remove the lenses. A follow up appointment will then be arranged to review your progress.



Practice Plan:

We have a special practice plan when it comes to purchasing contact lenses. Below are some benefits with regards to our plan.

  • Full access to all specialist services across our two branches in central London
  • Covers all eye examination procedures using the latest technology, including ocular coherence tomography and retinal photography
  • One-on-one appointments with our highly qualified optometrists and dispensing opticians for all clinics including dry eye assessments, contact lens fittings, and stylist consulting
  • Discounts on all spectacles, sunglasses, and contact lenses


So if you would like to give contact lenses a try or even just want further information with regards to our plan please contact us.

 The main contact lens companies we use are Johnson&Johnson and Alcon, howeveras we are contact lens specilaists we have access to most contact lenses on the market.

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