94 High Holborn – Your Destination For Dior Eyewear In London

Christian Dior launched his haute couture label in 1947 revolutionising the women fashion scene in the post WWII era, completely overthrowing the 1920s-1930s fashion. His romance with bringing out femininity in his designs concurred with elegance and grace, a tradition carried on till date! He not only revived the French fashion industry and re-established Paris as the fashion capital of the world, but also re-kindled the spirit of haute couture as his designs became an international success. Apart from being very feminine and aimed at bringing out women’s beauty, his designs were suitable for women of all body types, making him one of the immensely famous names in the fashion world globally.

The Dior eyewear line has been designed on the same principles and continues the tradition of being at the helm! Innovative design, fully integrated communications strategy, extremely exclusive distribution strategy and careful pricing make Dior eyewear the gateway to this luxury ready-to-wear designer label. ¬†Though the extremely exclusive distribution strategy means it’s not so easy to find Dior glasses stockists in London, your search ends at the Hodd, Barnes & Dickins, Holborn store – one of the largest stockists of Dior glasses and sunglasses in London!


You will be bowled over by their massive collection whether you are looking for Dior sunglasses in London or Dior glasses in London. In fact, they have recently added a huge stock of all the latest designs. So, why not check out the autumn/winter collection of Dior sunglasses in London and Dior glasses in London at Hodd, Barnes & Dickins, Holborn store?!