A Bit of Maui in the UK

If you are shopping for sunglasses in Holborn this summer, you’ll have the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of someone on holiday far away in Maui.

Hodd, Barnes and Dickins has a selection of Maui Jim sunglasses on display in their Holborn store today. If you come into our store and try them on you may be surprised to find that a line of glasses designed for the sunny Pacific Islands of Hawaii actually is equally practical for persons wearing sunglasses in London even on an overcast summer day.

Although it may not be what you imagine when you think of Hawaii, the weather conditions in the place where Maui Jim originated are remarkably diverse. And this led to the development of a range of sunglass lenses that preserve all the colours of paradise on oppressively sunny days, but also eliminate the familiar glare that occurs when there is a mix of sun and clouds.

In other words, Maui Jim will surely fulfil your needs whether you plan to wear sunglasses in London as you go about your professional life through the summer, or whether you will be testing the limits of UV protection in far-flung, tropical locations.

You can get a sense of the difference that Maui Jim lenses make by looking at the comparison images on the company’s website. But you can best appreciate what they have to offer by looking through these sunglasses on Holborn streets – ideally when they have been fitted with your unique prescription.