All About Horn: AW16

Leaves are falling, coats are being dusted off, and salad is increasingly off the menu.  AW16 is upon us, and with it a host of eyewear trends hot off the summer press!

And top of the list this season is buffalo horn.

Leaves are falling

Famed for its classic colouring, unique textures and hardwearing quality, buffalo horn glasses London have always been a firm favourite here at Hodd Barnes and Dickins, and we’re thrilled by the wave of horn creations emerging from some of our top designers. Tom Ford, Lindberg and Hoffman are all making excellent use of the material in their latest collections, taking advantage of its elegant autumnal colouring to set off bold, yet classic shapes.

So what makes buffalo horn one of our favourite materials?

Horn has been used by humans for thousands of years, and is steeped in cultural and religious ritual. From crafting totems to hollowing out drinking instruments, horn has long been prized both for its beauty and durability – qualities which also make it the ideal material for eyewear.

Buffalo horn in particular has a translucent appearance that interacts with light in such a way as to change colour throughout the day. Subtle differences in its texture make each pair of glasses completely unique, and its keratin-base allows the material to be polished to a stunning glossy finish. But buffalo horn is just as practical as it is beautiful. The material is incredibly durable, and is much less likely to scratch or chip than its plastic counterpart, whilst its light weight makes for an effortlessly comfortable fit. Buffalo horn is also a favourite amongst designers for its malleability, which enables them to craft with bold shapes and interesting details.

It is unsurprising, therefore, that buffalo horn glasses London are the must-have eyewear not just for autumn 2016, but for many years to come.  Hodd Barnes and Dickins stocks a great variety of horn-crafted glasses including buffalo horn glasses Lindberg, Tom Ford buffalo horn glasses and Hoffman buffalo horn glasses.

Here are some of our favourite buffalo horn glasses London:

tom ford buffalo horn glasses

Bold but classic shapes are a central feature of Tom Ford buffalo horn glasses in his latest Private Collection

lindberg glasses with buffalo horn

Paler colouring is used for these stunning buffalo horn glasses Lindberg

Hoffman buffalo horn glasses

Unique textures on every pair of Hoffman buffalo horn glasses

So if you’re passing our practice in Holborn, feel free to pop in and try on a pair of these buffalo horn masterpieces. Not only does horn’s natural colouring complement your complexion, it is also guaranteed to add instant class and style to any look this AW16.