All That’s Polarised Isn’t Maui Jim

From its humble origins on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii, at the hands of Jim Richards, to becoming the third largest producer of sunglasses in the world, headquartered at Peoria, Illinois, Maui Jim has come a long way. Maui Jim has almost become synonymous with ‘the best polarised sunglasses’, thanks to its patented revolutionary PolarizedPlus2® lens. The company’s philosophy is pretty simple – “Always finding new ways to reveal more of the vibrant colours of the world while protecting your eyes from the effects of harsh glare and harmful rays.”

Undeniably, polarised Maui Jim sunglasses live up to this philosophy! They offer 100% UV protection and eliminate 99.9% of glare including direct/horizontal glare, reflected glare and bounce back glare, while allowing one to experience a clear, crisp, detailed, vibrant and saturated visual experience with higher contrast level and greater depth perception. Further, their lenses are infused with a patented blend of three rare Earth elements that help to enhance red, green and blue light waves, leading to increased and balanced saturation of colours to be seen while filtering out the invisible ones. This also translates to reduction of the harmful high-energy visible radiation (HEV) or blue light, while retaining the beautiful visible blue colours to be seen.

All this results in greater eye comfort as the eyes stay relaxed, and don’t get fatigued as there is no need to squint and strain, thereby also reducing headaches and wrinkles around the eyes. In fact, the efficacy of the UV filter of polarised Maui Jim sunglasses for the eyes and surrounding skin has earned them the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation! Moreover, they are highly versatile, durable, scratch resistant, and water and oil proof, which means one can regularly wear Maui Jim sunglasses in London.

Polarised Maui Jim sunglasses come in over 125 styles and a variety of lens options and colours; thus, one can definitely find a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses in London to suit one’s need and style quotient at the Hodd, Barnes and Dickins, Holborn store. And remember all that’s polarised isn’t Maui Jim!