Are your eyes sore, red and irritated? Time to seek out a Dry Eye Specialist in London

If you regularly wake up with sore, irritated eyes, first ask yourself – was I up until 4am binge-watching Netflix again? If the answer is a firm “no,” then there’s a high probability you might be suffering from dry eyes.

Also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca, dry eye syndrome is a common condition in which your eyes fail to make enough quality tears to keep themselves adequately lubricated. Symptoms include redness, temporarily blurred vision, sticky eyelids, excessive watering and feelings of dryness, grittiness or soreness that gets worse throughout the day. For most people these symptoms tend to be mild, but if untreated they can develop into severe and painful complications such as extreme sensitivity to light or even a deterioration in your vision.

At Hodd Barnes and Dickins, many of our patients come to us having endured dry eyes for weeks without even realising what’s causing them irritation. But there’s no reason to suffer in silence. As an independent practice, we’re proud to be a Dry Eye Specialist in London, with an expert team offering advice on dry eye treatment bespoke to your symptoms and lifestyle. When you visit our dry eye clinic, our optometrists are highly qualified to analyse the extent of your condition and suggest ways to quash your symptoms. It is highly likely that they’ll be easily treatable with specialist eye drops, although anti-inflammatory ointments or even surgery could be advised in the most extreme cases.

dry eye syndrome - HBD London

So what actually causes dry eye syndrome?

There are many factors that can raise your chances of contracting the condition. The likelihood of developing it increases with age, whilst wearing contact lenses regularly, taking certain medications and spending time in hot or windy climates also raise your risk of suffering from dry eye disease.

And new research also suggests that our 21st century lifestyles may increase your risk of dry eyes. If you work at a computer screen all day, you may experience changes in your tear fluid, a reduction in your blink rate and digital eye stain. 50-90% of people who work at a computer show some of these symptoms, which can exacerbate those of dry eye syndrome.

During our dry eye clinic, the team at Hodd Barnes and Dickins will educate you on the condition and recommend clinical dry eye treatment to reduce redness and irritation. So if you think you’re suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned above and are looking for a Dry Eye specialist in London, book an appointment with us today for cutting-edge advice from our expert optometrists.