Freedom from Your Frames with Contact Lenses

By hbdadminopti on January 03, 2018
What do you want to achieve in 2018?  Perhaps you want to sculpt your waistline, start pottery, run a marathon, change careers, climb a mountain… or perhaps you’d like to achieve freedom from your... Read More

The HBD Guide to the Hottest 2018 Eyewear Trends

By hbdadminopti on December 20, 2017
As we cruise towards the end of 2018, the team at Hodd Barnes and Dickins is looking forward to the New Year and introducing you to the latest SS18 eyewear trends.  And it turns out there’s a lot to get excited... Read More


By hbdadminopti on October 04, 2017
The bus, train, tram, tube, GP waiting room, airport waiting lounges – what do they all have in common? People glued to their phones. Gone are the days of chugging 4 cups of coffee to start your day and in with the... Read More

Laser Eye Surgery: All Your Questions Answered

By hbdadminopti on August 23, 2017
Ever dreamed of waking up to 20/20 vision without fumbling for your glasses?  Pondered the freedom of ditching your specs on a night out?  Or pulled on your sports gear and wished you could go without vision... Read More