By hbdadminopti on October 04, 2017
The bus, train, tram, tube, GP waiting room, airport waiting lounges – what do they all have in common? People glued to their phones. Gone are the days of chugging 4 cups of coffee to start your day and in with the... Read More

Laser Eye Surgery: All Your Questions Answered

By hbdadminopti on August 23, 2017
Ever dreamed of waking up to 20/20 vision without fumbling for your glasses?  Pondered the freedom of ditching your specs on a night out?  Or pulled on your sports gear and wished you could go without vision... Read More

Holborn: Home to Hodd Barnes and Dickins

By hbdadminopti on July 11, 2017
Hodd Barnes and Dickins has been lucky enough to call Holborn home for over a hundred years.  We love being part of the rich history of the area, which we’ve shared with Charles Dickens, the legal Inns of Chancery,... Read More

All You Need to Know About Gucci Sunglasses

By hbdadminopti on July 04, 2017
Self-styled as ‘eclectic, contemporary, romantic,’ Gucci wields immense influence in the fashion industry and beyond.  Over decades of excellence, the Italian fashion house has built its reputation around an... Read More

Snapchat Specs: The Future (Or Not) Of Eyewear?

By hbdadminopti on June 02, 2017
When it comes to #smartglasses technology there’s a new cool kid on the block.  Following in Google, Samsung and Microsoft’s wake, Snapchat is the latest tech goliath to foray into high tech specs.  But rather... Read More

The Hot Box: Maui Jim Sunglasses in London

By hbdadminopti on April 10, 2017
Move over Ray-Ban, there’s a new shade in town. Fresh from the shores of Hawaii, Maui Jim is fast becoming the most sought-after sunglasses designer amongst the global fashion elite. The brand was launched in 1980... Read More

Why Everyone Should Book an OCT Scan

By hbdadminopti on March 31, 2017
Have you ever wondered what the inside of your eyes looks like? It’s a great irony that the very things we use to see with have always been the most invisible. But that’s all changing thanks to revolutionary... Read More