Moscot Eyewear – A Piece Of Heritage and New York History

Moscot eyewear has a legacy steeped in 104+ years of history spanning 5 generations. When Hyman Moscot, a trained optician from Belarus or erstwhile Prussia in Eastern Europe, started selling readymade glasses in 1899 on Orchard Street in Manhattan’s famed Lower East Side from a pushcart, little did he know that he had laid the … Continue reading “Moscot Eyewear – A Piece Of Heritage and New York History”

Showcasing Hoffmann Natural Eyewear In London

If you have an allergy to plastic glasses frames, you may be concerned about narrowing down your options when it comes to picking the perfect pair of glasses. But stylish eyewear doesn’t stop at acetate and metal. At Hodd Barnes and Dickins our extensive collection is fashioned from an array of premium quality materials, including … Continue reading “Showcasing Hoffmann Natural Eyewear In London”

For The Love Of LINDBERG Glasses In London!

Though Poul-Jørn Lindberg and his wife Hanne started Lindberg Optik in Arhus, Denmark in 1969, the Lindberg story really took off in 1985 with the invention of the Air Titanium range. It was a groundbreaking innovation in the optical industry that was to set the stage for the modern day avatar of ultra lightweight rimless … Continue reading “For The Love Of LINDBERG Glasses In London!”

All That’s Polarised Isn’t Maui Jim

From its humble origins on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii, at the hands of Jim Richards, to becoming the third largest producer of sunglasses in the world, headquartered at Peoria, Illinois, Maui Jim has come a long way. Maui Jim has almost become synonymous with ‘the best polarised sunglasses’, thanks to its patented revolutionary PolarizedPlus2® … Continue reading “All That’s Polarised Isn’t Maui Jim”

Hodd, Barnes & Dickins – Your Trusted Eye Care Partners

The adage, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” cannot help but emphasis the importance of our eyes in how we see the world and perceive it. Thus, our eyes need to be taken very good care of along with regular eye examinations. General eye health and optimum vision can be maintained through regular … Continue reading “Hodd, Barnes & Dickins – Your Trusted Eye Care Partners”

94 High Holborn – Your Destination For Dior Eyewear In London

Christian Dior launched his haute couture label in 1947 revolutionising the women fashion scene in the post WWII era, completely overthrowing the 1920s-1930s fashion. His romance with bringing out femininity in his designs concurred with elegance and grace, a tradition carried on till date! He not only revived the French fashion industry and re-established Paris … Continue reading “94 High Holborn – Your Destination For Dior Eyewear In London”

Spreading Smiles This Christmas

Hodd Barnes & Dickins will be ringing in this festive season, in keeping with the true spirit of Christmas, by attempting to spread smiles through a Christmas Charity Event on Friday, 30th November (at our Holborn branch) in aid of the local London homeless shelter – Shelter From The Storm.  Founded by Sheila Scott and … Continue reading “Spreading Smiles This Christmas”

Cartier Eyewear Has A New Address In Central London!

Heritage, royalty, aristocracy, class, prestige, sophistication, luxury, good life, lifestyle, quality, excellence, master craftsmanship and trendsetting innovation are the hallmarks of the Cartier brand! The humble beginning by Louis-François Cartier in Paris, France, in 1847 in the name of Société Cartier, has today grown into a conglomerate company wholly owned by Compagnie Financière Richemont SA … Continue reading “Cartier Eyewear Has A New Address In Central London!”

Glaucoma: 5 Ways to Prevent the ‘Silent Thief’ of Vision

The countdown to National Eye Health Week (24th-30th September) has begun, marking a significant time for the optical world. We see this as our chance to fulfill our duty as opticians and reiterate how incredibly important maintaining good eye health and having regular vision checks are for monitoring and addressing any changes, or new eye … Continue reading “Glaucoma: 5 Ways to Prevent the ‘Silent Thief’ of Vision”

HBD Special Services in London – How Can We Help You?

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have lived or worked in London, you’ll be familiar with the constant hustle and bustle of the city. With no beginning and no end to the rush, London life can feel very hectic.  Often, you don’t have a chance to slow down and focus on your own wellbeing. … Continue reading “HBD Special Services in London – How Can We Help You?”