Chopard Sunglasses: Finding Luxury in Eyewear

Chopard is a name that is synonymous with luxury eyewear. Some consider this brand to be the crème de la crème of haute couture, and rightly so. From watches and jewellery, to handbags and sunglasses, every item is skilfully crafted with painstaking attention to detail, from only the best of materials. So, what’s the story behind the luxury?

The History Behind Chopard

Even luxury has humble beginnings and sure enough, it was Louis-Ulysse Chopard, the son of a farmer from Sonvilier in Switzerland that became the 19th century artisan watchmaker who would change fashion forever. At the age of 24, his innovative designs demonstrated his innate understanding of precision and reliability. Not only did Louis-Ulysse Chopard attract the attention of Switzerland, but he drew in the rest of the world.

His work was so sought after that it even found its way into the court of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia!

As the Swiss household name of Chopard continued to grow, it was time to let the business develop into unexplored realms. This is where Karl Scheufele III, an associate of Paul André Chopard of the 3rd generation of Chopards, took over in 1963.

Karl had a company in Germany that made watches and jewels and knew that the addition of a renowned Swiss independent watch-maker to his company would lead him to success in the future.

Karl’s ambition eventually led to introduction of the first eyewear from Chopard in 1978, in collaboration with De Rigo eyewear designers. That was a new turning point, demonstrating that the harmony and purity of the original watch-making process has remained inherent in the brand that we have come to know and admire today.

Chopard is now one of the last family-run watch and jewellery making companies, not to mention one of the most successful worldwide!

Chopard Luxury Glasses & Sunglasses

Chopard sunglasses and glasses are viewed as the ultimate accessory; made to be eye-catching, bold and timeless. Purposely fashioned for the discerning and style conscious individual, they have been carefully crafted with precious metals by professional jewellers for that unique, luxurious look and feel.

You can find Chopard Eyewear adorned with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, pearls and 24kt gold in unique cuts and sizes, with every minute detail created to accentuate your individual style.

The manufacturing process is so sophisticated and advanced, that De Rigo can even combine the original goldsmith work with a variety of stunning textures, including mahoganies, timbers and leathers for a contrasting and modern, yet elegant look.

With De Rigo celebrating their 40th anniversary in eyewear design, as well as Chopard celebrating their 20th anniversary as official partners of the Cannes Film Festival, the future is filled with endless opportunities in the world of luxury eyewear. In fact, De Rigo have even created Special Edition sunglasses for them to celebrate their partnership with the Cannes Film Festival, which in true Chopard style, features a metal frame plated with 23kt gold!

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