If you’re a Briton who’s looking for new eyewear to help you look your best this summer, it may be worth pointing out that the London Evening Standard claims that round sunglasses will be a predominant trend this season, especially among fashion conscious young women.

It’s not hard to imagine that the same style will catch on among other demographics as well, or that it will affect the choices that people make after an eye test when they’re looking for designer glasses in London.

You can be sure that Hodd Barnes and Dickins will have those kinds of chic round frames in our Holborn store, for sunglasses as well as corrective lenses. But that has less to do with what the latest fashion columns are saying and more to do with the broad range of styles that we always keep in stock for customers who are looking for the best designer glasses in London.

So by all means, follow the advice of the London Evening Standard if you’re so inclined. But while you’re looking through our selection of round sunglasses, try on a few other pairs of sunglasses and a few pairs of regular reading glasses for London’s overcast summer days. You can find something that fits the fashion mold, but you’re just as likely to find something that perfectly fits your own unique style.