Designer Eyewear For A Chic Lifestyle……

We at Hodd Barnes & Dickins are one of the leading opticians in London. Therefore, it is no surprise that we have devised our own unique class by being proud stockists of the most deluxe and aesthetic Designer Eyewear in London.

Due to the indigenous innovative inventors of Designer Eyewear brands we are continuously acquiring the latest designs and styles in order to fulfil the needs and requirements of anyone who represents the high-end eyewear community. On that note, we Hodd Barnes & Dickins take great gratification in stocking 3 new designer eyewear ranges:

• Maybach
• Andy wolf
• Anne et valentin


Maybach, established in 1909 by Wilhelm Maybach are originally automotive manufacturers yet their German ingenuity could not be pinned down to one industry. That’s right, Maybach wants their drivers to cruise in immense style by creating the utmost sophisticated, bespoke and high-end eyewear to complement their unrivalled automobiles. Maybach has taken luxury Designer Eyewear to record-breaking altitudes by strictly using only the rarest, high-end materials which are handmade in Germany.

The majority of their designs are made by a combination of 7- 8 different layers of material. The outer layer is cloaked with glossed Carbon Fibre making the pair of glasses extremely robust and lightweight. Beneath the Iron Man-like suit is an Indonesian wood named Makassar Ebony crowned with an additional layer of Burl wood. Maybach glasses have been known to have very slick lenses due to the combination of Titanium, Nylon and a 10 Micron overlay of platinum making the glasses lightweight and nimble.

Maybach Eyewear has set a presidential reputation for themselves and we Hodd Barnes & Dickins recommend those who are a part of the elite eyewear community to enquire for a pair of Maybach glasses. Be sure to make an enquiry soon as this Eyewear collection is a limited luxury.

andy wolf

Andy Wolf established in 2006 by Andreas Wolfgang & Katharina embarked on the idea of creating their first collection of the future of Women & Unisex handmade modern glasses in Austria.
These quirky retro glasses bring a diverse look to all women’s wardrobes and fulfil those who flaunt the luscious eyewear with immense effervescence.

Even though the Austrian Eyewear company is in its embryonic stage, the new brand has quickly established a league of its own dedicating the styles to Women’s & Unisex eyewear with elaborate, intuitive handmade designs. However, Andy Wolf is currently preparing to endeavour into the realms of Male eyewear.

Not only do Andy Wolf create immaculate eyewear designs, they’re entire business philosophy is righteous to the core as they do not produce their glasses in low-wage countries, therefore, not taking advantage of those less fortunate.

Andy Wolf is and will remain a High-end brand that is well sought after in the Female Eyewear community.

At the Hodd Barnes & Dickens store, we are delighted to be able to share the lavish Andy Wolf Eyewear collection with those who appreciate the Brand’s exceptionally rare features & holistic philosophies.

Anne et Valentin take pride in being unique and spontaneous which is why the French brand mixes geometric cuts, materials, and colours in order to produce one immaculate piece of artwork.
For those who wish to stand out yet remain completely natural and feel as though the pair of glasses are a mirror image of who you are when the piece of artwork is worn. Do not forget that you are also a precious work of art, would you also like this to reflect your unique style?

Hodd Barnes & Dickins are noble stockists of the exclusive French brand and we hope you feel as passionate about the unique Anne et valentin eyewear brand as we do.