Dita Eyewear

Dita frames are based on a fusion of Eastern and Western design philosophy. The brand has developed an international cult following among fashionable spectacle wearers.

Creating a new Dita frame design can require up to 320 productions over the course of 8 months. All Dita frames originate with a unique computer-aided design (CAD) drawing, as do other quality products such as high end watches.

The assembly of each Dita frame takes multiple days and a number of skilled craftsmen. Frame production takes place in some of the world’s most reputable factories where every acetate part is polished by tumbling in bamboo chips.

The extensive manufacturing process of each Dita piece highlights the company’s attention to detail and appreciation of artisan craftsmanship. Each new collection shows an evolution of fashion and wearability. To see Dita’s newest collection come by Hodd Barnes and Dickins Opticians.