For The Love Of LINDBERG Glasses In London!

Though Poul-Jørn Lindberg and his wife Hanne started Lindberg Optik in Arhus, Denmark in 1969, the Lindberg story really took off in 1985 with the invention of the Air Titanium range. It was a groundbreaking innovation in the optical industry that was to set the stage for the modern day avatar of ultra lightweight rimless glasses the world over! The journey from Lindberg Optik to Lindberg Optic Design was interestingly fuelled by Poul-Jørn’s own need for feather-light and inconspicuous frames. But that’s not what frames used to be like in the late 1970s; this led to the birth of the revolutionary and innovative Lindberg glasses and Lindberg sunglasses!

Going by the motto – “One must see the face, not the spectacles.”, when it comes to Lindberg, less is more! Lindberg glasses, being imbued with the Danish design tradition of minimalist aesthetic, discreet designs and impeccable craftsmanship at heart, are truly local in approach and global in appeal! All the Lindberg glasses and Lindberg sunglasses ranges, including the Lindberg Horn glasses and the Lindberg Precious glasses, are featherweight, subtle, functional yet chic, strong, flexible, durable, hand-finished, individually numbered, made from responsibly sourced unique materials, extremely comfortable and customisable according to one’s taste, preferences and facial features for a perfect fit and look. Moreover, one can have the inside of the temple custom engraved to create a signature pair. Their weightlessness means it’s almost like wearing air and one can forget that they are wearing glasses! The hallmark hinge design, slim temples, thin lenses and the use of titanium form the cornerstone for this. Being subtle they are devoid of any logo and branding, yet identifiable from their clean lines and seamless build.

Words fall short at describing the ingenuity of the Lindberg frames. Lindberg glasses are constantly raising the bar and setting new benchmarks and trends in the eyewear industry with their constant innovation and technical advancements. With an ever increasing award tally that currently stands at 97 Lindberg continues to be the path breaking name in the optical industry globally. Thus, it’s no wonder the list of Lindberg afficionados includes the likes of Danish royalty, Giorgio Armani, Tommy Lee Jones, Miuccia Prada, Elton John, Sting, Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Camila Cabello and Tyra Banks.

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