At this blog, we recently praised the fact that glasses are taking their rightful place in the design world. We also emphasized that this is happening at a good time, since more young people, especially Londoners and other urbanites, are in need of glasses to correct computer-induced myopia.

Both of these trends reflect not only broad-based acceptance of glasses, but also acceptance of glasses as true fashion accessories. The Telegraph featured an article on this topic on Wednesday, pointing out that today’s celebrities often wear glasses proudly in public and that teenagers are actively seeking out designer glasses in London and in the world’s other cultural centers.

The article also emphasizes a trend toward “bring your own prescription” services, whereby you can order trendy designer glasses online or in stores after providing the results of an eye test taken at your optician’s office. But if you take your eye test in Holborn, at Hodd, Barnes & Dickins you can easily save a step in the process. Our store is staffed by professional opticians and also carries some of the best designer glasses in London.

We don’t expect you to wear glasses to feel cool. For some residents of London, contact lenses are still a more attractive and convenient choice. But if you do choose to wear glasses, we’ve got options at Hodd, Barnes & Dickins that will put you in good company with celebrities and fashionistas who understand the aesthetic potential of eyewear.