Clerkenwell Design Week takes place between May 19 and 21 this year. The event’s website boasts that the clerkenwell area of Islington, North London “is home to more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet.” And the annual event gives them the opportunity to exhibit their creative ventures to the general public.

Notably, among the more than 300 exhibitors expected to be at the event, exactly one will showcase the Spring collection of a designer eyewear brand that recently came to London. Designer glasses may not be among the first things you think of when you think about modern design, but they deserve their place among the furniture, décor, lighting, and architecture that are more familiar sights at Clerkenwell Design Week.

Here’s hoping that this year’s show is a sign of things to come as more attention is given to designer glasses in London and the world’s other centres of art and design. This seems quite likely, not only because of the great work being done by luxury eyewear brands but also because the advent of Google Glass means that glasses are poised to be integrated with technology at a time when that is a driving force behind other new innovations in design.

That aside, in creative places like London, designer glasses can be as effective an outlet for design innovation as any other types of wearable accessories. Hopefully the forthcoming Clerkenwell Design Week will make that known to some up-and-coming London designers.