Importance of Sunglasses

Hands up to those of you that use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays….
Almost all of you.
Now raise your hand if you use sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays…..
Just as I thought, not as many of you. For so long sunscreen is thought of as a must-have protection from the sun and yet sunglasses are thought of as non-essential fashion accessories. Why is it that we are educated about the harmful cancer-causing effects of UV and yet left in the dark (excuse the pun) about exactly how harmful UV rays are for the eyes?

UV rays are high-energy invisible light rays emitted mainly by the sun. But we don’t have sunny days in London, I hear you say! Well, you’re not safe from their harmful effects on overcast days -which, let’s face it, is every other day in London- since they can penetrate through clouds. Those with medical conditions like macular degeneration and cataracts are especially at risk. Don’t even get me started on the dazzling visual impairment that glare and reflections can cause especially when driving. But above everything else, they prevent you from squinting, hence fewer wrinkles, and make you look kinda cool too!

How To Choose the Right Sunglasses:

There is so much info online about choosing sunglasses according to your ‘face shape’ but here at HBD, we do things differently.  We do not believe in categorising individuals into a square, triangle or heart-shaped faces but look at the following four F’s:

1. Function

We must first ask ourselves why we need them.  Is it just for protection, in which case good quality lenses will offer you full UV coverage as well as look cool?  If however, we need them for driving we may consider polarised lenses that can cut out the glare.  Transitions – colour changing- lens technology can even be another practical solution for those that do not want to carry around two pairs of spectacles.  In some cases, one pair may not be suitable for all conditions.  For example, an avid cyclist will need a wraparound frame to prevent any grit from getting into the eye and maybe a more fashionable pair for casual/ holiday wear.  You don’t need to stop at just one pair!

2. Face Length

This is an important consideration for the aesthetics of the frame.  The usual rule of thumb is to go for a shape that balances the face.  If you have a long narrow face, you may want to consider frames that are a little deeper.  If you have a more rounded face, a deeper model may not frame the face as well and a shorter depth will suit better.  Always make sure that they do not touch your cheeks or move every time you talk or smile!

3. Face Width

Many people are under the assumption that the bigger the sunglasses, the more protection they offer but this can be counterintuitive if they are so wide that they allow a lot of sunlight in from the edges.  Try and find a pair that are as wide as your face.  If you have a narrow face, a narrower style will suit you better.  You may want to consider a wraparound style that prevents any light from the sides.

4. Features

This is the key to achieving symmetry.  And achieving symmetry is key to looking more attractive! Pay attention to the contours of your face rather than face shape in general. If you have sharp angular features and straight lines, go for a rounded frame.  If you have rounded features, a straight sharp-edged frame will look much better.  The rule here is to go for the opposite shape to facial features.

These are just some things to consider to find that perfect sunglass(es) but of course, the list is not exhaustive.  At HBD, we are more than happy to find a practical and fun solution be it with or without a prescription.  Book your appointment with a member of our team now!