Introducing New York’s MOSCOT

At Hodd Barnes and Dickins we pride ourselves on our ability to handpick the most innovative and iconic eyewear from the global stage.  MOSCOT caught our eye a while back, and this October we’re thrilled to celebrate them as our designer of the month.

Steeped in family heritage, the MOSCOT brand was spawned in New York City back in 1899 and is famed around the world for its iconic shapes and timeless styles.  Each pair is handmade using the highest quality materials, with an attention to detail that makes them both durable and effortlessly cool.

Indeed, the brand has attracted the patronage of A-list celebrities including Lady Gaga, P. Diddy, Kirsten Dunst, Helena Bonham Carter and long-time MOSCOT devotee Johnny Depp.  In fact, if you hadn’t heard of MOSCOT before you might recognize Depp’s iconic MOSCOT Lemtosh glasses, which he is rarely seen without off-screen:

Johnny Depp in his Lemtosh MOSCOT specs

Johnny Depp in his Lemtosh MOSCOT specs

It’s clear to see why MOSCOT has attracted such global renown.  With over a century of timeless designs under its belt, the design house has built a reputation around an “unmistakably refined, downtown aesthetic.”  We love a bit of optical history at Hodd Barnes and Dickins, so what’s the story behind the MOSCOT family brand?

In fact, it began rather unexpectedly when an Eastern European called Hyman Moscot arrived in New York City via Ellis Island in 1899.  The ‘Great Grandfather’ of the MOSCOT brand started selling ready-made specs from a cart on Manhattan’s Lower East Side and before long he had a loyal following of customers.  In 1915 he opened the MOSCOT eyewear shop and as the years went by the business swelled.  Sons and grandsons joined the business, until it grew, gradually, into the globally renowned eyewear workshop it is today.

One of the reasons we fell in love with the MOSCOT brand is that despite its global fashion-icon status, it remains true to its roots as – self-confessedly – “a neighborhood optical shop.”  This rich history is just one of the reasons we’re so proud to stock MOSCOT eyewear, bringing a touch of New York’s classic style onto London’s streets.

Every pair of MOSCOT frames can be customized as day-to-day eyewear, or as sunglasses, with gorgeous colours ranging from rich emerald, tobacco and black crystal, to lighter blonde, flesh and ash.  In particular we love the MOSCOT classics range, which is inspired by decades of original styles from the Moscot family archives from the 1930s to the 1970s.

Here are a few of our firm favourites:

Zulu-T MOSCOT glasses UK

Zulu-T MOSCOT glasses UK

MOSCOT glasses UK

Miltzen Emerald MOSCOT glasses UK

Zolman Flesh MOSCOT glasses London

Zolman Flesh MOSCOT glasses London

And of course, the iconic MOSCOT Lemtosh glasses which, according to the official website, “serve as the calling card for generations of creative, thoughtful, free-spirited intellectuals and artistés.” Mr. Depp certainly seems to think so!

MOSCOT Lemtosh glasses

So, if we haven’t convinced you to come in and try on a pair of MOSCOT glasses London, we don’t know what will. If you’re a creative type looking for head-turning specs that reflect your personality and an eye for quality, then you should definitely consider investing in a pair from across the pond.

We promise they won’t disappoint.