Introducing the Titan One

The Silhouette Journal #75, which can be read on the eyewear designer’s website, is dedicated to the latest Silhouette release, the Titan One. Described by the company as a “minimalist statement” that “becomes one with its wearer,” the new design effectively stands out by giving center stage to the facial structure of the individual, and not to any embellishments built into the frame or lens shape.

Made out of a single piece of titanium, the new Silhouette model showcases the company’s reputation for both durability and wearability. It is sure to find a following among wearers of designer glasses in London and beyond. And as such, you can find it on display at Hodd, Barnes & Dickins.

Come in for an eye test in Holborn and you can be wearing the latest in Silhouette design the same day. And if it’s a sunny day in London, sunglasses will surely be in order. So remember to also try on any of the range of Silhouette’s clip-on “Style Shades,” each of which make a strikingly different impression when added to the minimalist Titan One.

At Hodd, Barnes & Dickins, we are always pleased to give you access to the latest in designer glasses, and the Silhouette Titan One is only one example of that. Check back to this blog for more updates on the unique and original designer glasses that reach our shelves.