Join the Eyewear Cult of Opulence – Chrome Hearts Eyewear 2017

What do you get when you pair a motorbike obsessed leather dealer and a legendary eyewear designer?

Chrome Hearts Eyewear combines the passions of both its pioneering founding fathers, presenting an audacious eyewear collection like no other.  Blending elegant luxury with rock star detailing, every pair of Chrome Hearts frames offers you an opportunity to stage a lavish style rebellion.  Here at Hodd Barnes and Dickins we’re thrilled to showcase the extraordinary 2017 collection.

Featuring an array of classic shapes and styles, each pair of Chrome Heart frames is woven with intricate ‘biker-chic’ embellishments – gothic metal charms adorn the temples, hinges are dagger-inspired and iconic fleur-de-lys motifs are imprinted on the lenses.  Only the most opulent materials are used to craft the frames, with the finest quality animal horn, titanium, acetate, and Brazilian mahogany set off with black leather, white ebony, silver, and gold plate elements – all combining to bring Chrome Hearts Eyewear to life.

With such an eye for detail and quality, it’s no wonder this cult luxury brand has attracted the A-list patronage of celebrity icons such as Rolling Stones, Christina Aguilera, Elton John, Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Manson, Justin Timberlake and Karl Lagerfield.

So how did the Chrome Hearts eyewear story begin?

Chrome Hearts founder Richard Stark began his dalliance with fashion designing bespoke leather outfits for California’s B-movie stars and his biker friends.  His instinct for head-turning detail and eye for high quality materials began to attract a cult following of rock stars such as The Cult, The Sex Pistols and Aerosmith, and soon the Chrome Hearts fashion brand was born.

But it wasn’t until 1988 that Stark formed a revolutionary eyewear partnership with optical guru Larry Sands.  In the past, Sands had played in a band supporting Led Zeppelin, but he had since turned his attention to opening luxury eyewear boutiques catering for the USA’s wealthiest clientele.  Stark’s background in leatherwork combined with Sands’ optical expertise might’ve appeared an unlikely alliance, but their collaboration was nothing short of sheer brilliance.

The pair went on to create an exclusive eyewear brand with ‘cult luxury’ status, highly sought-after by the international fashion elite.  Their collections of glasses and shades are now among the most lavish around the globe – with head-turning frames that channel both high-fashion elegance and urban edge.  And every pair promises absolute visual clarity through high quality Carl Zeiss CR39 lenses.

Hodd Barnes and Dickins is one of the only Chrome Hearts stockists in London, and we are delighted to host the exclusive and head-turning new collection.  To give you a preview, here are a few of our team’s favourite Chrome Heart frames from 2017…

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Ready to embrace an elegant style rebellion?  Why not visit the Hodd Barnes and Dickins practice to try on the exquisite 2017 collection – guaranteed to turn heads and make a statement.