Laser Eye Surgery: All Your Questions Answered

Ever dreamed of waking up to 20/20 vision without fumbling for your glasses?  Pondered the freedom of ditching your specs on a night out?  Or pulled on your sports gear and wished you could go without vision correction?

Here’s where laser eye surgery comes in…

The term ‘surgery’ can seem daunting for many spectacles-wearers due to the lack of information on the procedure.  You may have read laser eye surgery reviews that have put you off, but the process is actually incredibly safe, with a 0.01% risk of any damage to your vision when undertaken with an expert surgeon.

hbd laser eye surgery

You may be wondering how the procedure works, how it might feel, what eye surgery costs and whether you’d be eligible?  So, to help you work out whether it might be suitable for you, this FAQ on laser eye surgery reviews the pros and cons…

Why would I get laser eye surgery?

First and foremost, the biggest ‘pro’ of laser eye surgery is the acquisition of exceptional eyesight without the need for vision correction.  Many patients, having been dependent on glasses and contact lenses for many years, describe laser eye surgery as a truly transformational moment in their lives.  Freed from spectacles, it’s possible to enjoy sports, driving, films, going out and even inclement weather without the inconvenience of needing your specs.

In addition, drastic improvement to your eyesight is almost instant.  With LASIK procedures most patients experience better than 20/20 vision within 4 hours of leaving the clinic.

What happens during the surgery?

Your appointment will take around an hour and a half, though the surgery itself only lasts about 10 minutes.  It involves using a laser to create a small incision in the surface of your eye.  Your surgeon will then direct the laser into the cornea to sculpt the tissue to your unique prescription.  When the procedure is over, the incision will help your eyes heal and your vision will usually be quite blurry.  However, no hospital stay is required so you’ll be able to go home to rest and recover.

What will it feel like?

The procedure is considered painless.  Before undergoing laser eye surgery you will be given anesthetic eye drops to numb your eyes during the procedure.  The only sensation will be a slight pressure on your eye for 20 seconds whilst the laser is active.  After the surgery you may feel some slight discomfort akin to feeling an eyelash in your eye, but any irritation can be soothed with the numbing eye drops which you can take home and use until your eyes recover.

How long is the recovery process?

Although the laser eye surgery procedure only takes around an hour, you’ll usually be required to take the afternoon off to rest and recover.  Though with some types of surgery, you’ll need to book 4-7 days off work to recuperate.

Is it safe?

With cutting edge technology, the risks of laser eye surgery are minimal when carried out by an expert surgeon, with a mere 0.01% of patients experiencing any vision complications.  However, when researching your options, you should choose the very best surgeon for the job to diminish risk to your vision.  You should never feel pressured to proceed with the surgery if you start having second thoughts, so we’d recommend avoiding overly commercial practices.

How much does it cost?

Laser eye surgery costs can be expensive – often totting up to between £3,000 and £5,000.  However, over a lifetime this upfront payment can actually work out cheaper than the accumulated cost of prescription eyewear and contact lenses.

How long do the effects last?

If you’re shortsighted or have astigmatism the results of laser eye surgery tend to be permanent whereas the – albeit excellent – results for longsighted patients may need to be repeated in the future when the shape of your eyes changes.

So if you’ve ever thought about laser eye surgery or the potential eye surgery costs, we hope you’ve found this FAQ useful.  Do let us know if you’d like to find out more and our team will be more than happy to help.