Meet The Team: Optician In Training

At Hodd, Barnes & Dickins, we pride ourselves on finding the best of the best in the business to look after your eye care needs. From opticians, to dispensing opticians that help you to choose your spectacles, to optical advisors at the front desk – each and every one of us is here to give you the best opticians experience in London. We also love nurturing new talent and helping staff to gain expertise in their fields on a regular basis. One of our newest, youngest and most valued members of staff at our Holborn branch is our optician in training, Lucy.

meet the team hodd barnes dickins london
Lucy- our pre-reg optician, soon to be fully qualified!


She has been with us for just over a year now, and has been working hard to develop and improve her skills before becoming a full qualified optician. Here’s her story so far…

Lucy’s Background

Lucy studied at the University of Cardiff and worked hard to gain a 1st class honours degree in Optometry. University isn’t just all about studying books and doing practical exams. We believe in putting skills to the test in the real world is an integral part of the overall experience, and that’s exactly what Lucy did.

During her time at Cardiff University, Lucy went to Moldova- one of the poorest countries in Europe-with a team of students to give free eye care services to the rural communities who don’t usually have access to official eye care. Over the course of a week, Lucy and the team provided 1600 sight tests and pairs of glasses to the local people completely free of charge. They also fundraised the money to cover the cost of glasses and other visual aids prior to the trip.

In Lucy’s own words, “It was amazing to see how a pair of glasses (something which we could easily take for granted) made such a huge difference to their lives – some of the patients out there believed they were blind their whole lives until we put some high prescription glasses on them and they could see for the first time! There is nothing like that feeling when you have really helped someone out and changed their life for the better.”

pre reg optician hodd barnes dickins team london
Lucy in action, giving much needed free eye care to Moldovians in rural communities


It’s safe to say that this experience was definitely the highlight of her training at University!

Lucy’s Experience at Hodd, Barnes & Dickins

Once an optometry student qualifies from their undergraduate university degree, they have to apply for and undertake a pre-registration year at an opticians practice, in order to get more experience before taking further exams to become a fully qualified optician.

Lucy applied to Hodd, Barnes & Dickins and after witnessing her positive attitude, spotless academic record and talent first hand, we were happy to let her carry out her pre-reg with us! In just over a year, Lucy has come leaps and bounds in her technique and skills. Her final exams are coming up very shortly in September, and we have no doubt that Lucy will pass with flying colours.

She was recently featured in the famous Optician Magazine too, as part of a guide book for all current students who are about to start their pre-reg year. She was interviewed about what students can expect in their pre-reg year when working for an independent optician like ourselves, what her experience has been like so far and any advice to impart for anyone applying to do this in the future.

optician magazine optician holborn london
The interview snippet of Lucy from the Optician Magazine


There you have it! Our wonderful, soon-to-be qualified optician, Lucy in a nutshell. We’re glad to hear that she’s loved working with us so far and hopes to continue with more training after she qualifies so that she can develop her skills further. As she very aptly said, “You are always learning in this job- you can never know enough!”

With a team of highly qualified staff, we are able to offer an exceptional level of service and diagnose even the most challenging of eye conditions and spectacle prescriptions. If you have any questions regarding our team or practice, feel free to give us a call on 0203 828 7176, or book an appointment here with one of our expert opticians.