Moscot Eyewear – A Piece Of Heritage and New York History

Moscot eyewear has a legacy steeped in 104+ years of history spanning 5 generations. When Hyman Moscot, a trained optician from Belarus or erstwhile Prussia in Eastern Europe, started selling readymade glasses in 1899 on Orchard Street in Manhattan’s famed Lower East Side from a pushcart, little did he know that he had laid the foundation of a generational business that would one day become one of the world’s top luxury eyewear brand! The Moscot story took a definitive turn with the opening of its first store in 1915.

The Moscots’ love and passion for all things eyewear has continued through the generations along with their commitment to the history and roots of the Moscot brand, ensuring the unique brand identity has been retained over the years. The name ‘Moscot’ signifies the family values and business ethos of – delivering quality eyewear at fair prices and exemplary customer service. The Moscots continue to live and breathe their mantra of delivering highest quality eyewear along with a customer service that offers a personal touch. No wonder they consider themselves a “neighbourhood optician” till date, despite Moscot eyewear becoming a top global brand.

The classic designs of Moscot glasses and Moscot sunglasses enjoy an iconic status and are best described as ‘classiconic™’ – a term coined by 4th generation Moscot and current CEO, Dr. Harvey Moscot. Just like the Moscot brand which has withstood the test of time including the great depression, Moscot eyewear is timeless, a trend by itself and has a cult following! Being unique is innate to the Moscot brand which shows in its business approach. When a lot of businesses are shutting down their brick and mortar high street stores, Moscot has been steadily expanding its fleet with new flagship stores opening globally, including London. Apart from the Moscot London Soho shop, the home of Moscot eyewear in London is the Hodd, Barnes & Dickins store in Holborn.

Moscot glasses in London and Moscot sunglasses in London can be selected out of the Moscot Originals and the Moscot Spirit collections at Hodd, Barnes & Dickins. While the Originals are drawn from the family archives, retaining the traditional hardware and the authentic period details, the Spirit collection focuses on new shapes and styles honouring the present times, and yet features the Moscot DNA by way of the same material quality, hardware, period details and colour palette as the Originals. Every shape and style of Moscot eyewear has a story behind it, lending it its character and uniqueness. Choose the Moscot story that you want to tell at Hodd, Barnes & Dickins, Holborn. And remember, one just doesn’t buy a pair of Moscot glasses or Moscot sunglasses, one buys a piece of heritage, a piece of New York history and ascribes to a cult!