New 3D Scan Technology Available


Thanks to advanced light wave technology we can now view a 3D image of the eye. This equipment has been around for a number of years, although only found in hospitals to monitor those with existing eye conditions. Ocular Coherence Tomography allows us to see the many layers of the retina, a new level of detail never before possible, and this OCT technology is now available to you on the high street.

You may wonder how an OCT scan could be of benefit to you. Even a healthy eye is worth having a scan of. The scan compares measured data from yourself to age, gender, and ethnicity norms. Of course everyone is different within these groups, having a scan when the eye is healthy allows your optometrist to determine what is normal for yourself and to retain these baseline measurements for future reference. This allows for a comparison of later scans, making it easy track any changes to the layers of the retina. Most importantly, the scan allows for early management of potential eye conditions.

OCT aids in the detection of early stages of many eye conditions such as glaucoma, age related macular degeneration, macular holes, vitreous and retinal detachments, and more. The information provided by this scan can even help your optometrist to detect signs of conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

An OCT scan is a non-invasive procedure- quick, painless, and nothing touches the eye. To have your 3D scan, book an appointment with one of our highly qualified optometrists here.