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Our Brands

Here at Hodd Barnes & Dickins, we present to you one of the largest ranges of designer glasses and designer sunglasses in London.

Fresh from California, Garrett Leight frames and sunglasses are infused with all the west-coast style, spirit and soul of their origins – the ideal match for individuals looking to showcase their creative flair.
Sleek minimalism, contemporary design and luxurious detailing run through the entire Hoffman Horn collection. This eyewear is guaranteed to turn heads, using the finest natural materials.
What do you get when you cross a motorbike-obsessed leather dealer and a rockstar eyewear designer? Chrome Hearts eyewear embodies luxurious rebellion, blending elegant styles with stunning biker-chic detailing.
Designed in Los Angeles, handcrafted in Japan, Dita eyewear has become the go-to brand for celebrities including David Beckham, J-Lo and Jamie Foxx. Every pair is guaranteed to make an A-list statement.
Offering unrivalled visual acuity and effortless summer style, Maui Jim sunglasses come fitted with specialised polarised lenses to give you the best visual experience on sand, snow and sea.
Since 1898, Savile Row has handcrafted eyewear tailored to individual wearers. Timeless and elegant, every pair is made-to-measure, making them the glasses of choice for icons like John Lennon, Sean Connery and Eric Clapton.
World-renowned eyewear of entrepreneurs, A-listers and royalty, Lindberg has built its reputation around meticulous engineering and unparalleled comfort. Patented feather-light titanium frames sit seamlessly with your features, whilst timeless designs last the years.
Handcrafted in 18k solid gold – yellow, white, red and black, platinum, and carved buffalo horn, the Lindberg Precious collection offers wearers the ultimate luxury eyewear experience.
The byword for feminine elegance, Chanel eyewear features the stunning colour palette, beautiful design and intricate detailing the world has come to expect from one of Paris’ leading fashion houses.
Luxury watch and jewellery maker Cartier turns its hand to eyewear with the same commitment to opulence and quality. Frames are made from the finest white, yellow and rose gold, and sometimes dotted with diamonds.
Finest buffalo horn, acetate and gold comprise Tom Ford frames, crafted to add effortless class and timeless style to your look. We’re also proud to be a chosen stockist for the exclusive Tom Ford Private Collection
The official eyewear of NASA astronauts, Silhouette is famed for handcrafting some of the finest titanium spectacles in the world. Rimless, hingeless and screwless, this Australian brand has revolutionised eyewear.
From the Japanese designer of Ferrari and Masserati, comes a pioneering eyewear collection inspired by the slick style and finely tuned engineering of the world’s most sought-after classic cars.
Making bold use of colour and texture, the French designer Anne ET Valentine creates stand-out spectacles playing to the individuality of each unique wearer.
Philippe Starck uses the latest architectural innovations to craft his eyewear, resulting in a stunning collection designed with acute attention to detail - durable, flexible and timeless.
Each pair of Maybach spectacles is handmade in Germany using traditional frame-making techniques spanning back centuries. With balance and craftsmanship in mind, the collection is the ultimate in luxury eyewear.
With their timeless elegance and originality, Boucheron eyeglasses epitomize Maison Boucheron’s free mind and subversive power. This fabulous eyewear collection creates an esteemed universe of mystery and intensity.
Come and explore the latest designer glasses and sunglasses from Hublot Eyewear in London.
Lunor glasses in London are straightforward, sophisticated and stylish, inspired by antique glasses from 1650 to 1950. Traditionally handmade in Germany and Japan, Lunor frames in the UK incorporate vintage design with modern style, for the ultimate luxury and comfort.
Saint Laurent has been leading the fashion industry for over 50 years. Impeccably stylish and modern, elegant frames in timeless silhouettes, Saint Laurent eyewear pieces are known for their fashionable craftsmanship. Both classic and contemporary designs offer a hint of luxury for both men and women.
Montblanc eyewear is a unique blend of heritage, style, comfort, exceptional craftsmanship, fine materials and utility. Minimalist, contemporary and distinctive, Montblanc glasses are irresistible and provide a different level of satisfaction to the modern man.
The Brioni fashion house was founded in 1945 in Rome by designers NazarenoFonticoli and Gaetano Savini. Brioni eyewear packs luxurious aesthetics, distinctive Italian elegance and excellent quality. The ultra-stylish Brioni glasses are handcrafted using innovative technology and the finest materials, translating into supreme comfort and visual protection.
Lindberg takes its love of aesthetics, innovative technology and impeccable craftsmanship to the Lindberg Kids range. The use of a special type of titanium makes them the most flexible,light-weight, comfortable and sturdy eyewear for children. The minimalist, elegant and simple designs mean that the parents get to see more of their child than the glasses, as the glasses virtually disappear on the child’s face.
Deciphering the connection between humans and an architect’s work are Pascal Jaulent’s eyewear designs. Inspired by architecture, international fashion, contemporary design and modern art, Face A Face frames are bold, revolutionary, contemporary, artistic, and colourful. Let your individual personality, boldness and modernity come out with Face A Face eyewear!
Fukui, Japan is one of the three largest production regions for optical frames in the world, along with China and Italy. 97% of Japanese-made optical frames are manufactured in Fukui. Masunaga Optical premiered the production of eyeglasses in Fukui in 1905. The company founder Gozaemon Masunaga brought in skilled craftsmen from Osaka and Tokyo with the ambition of setting the optical industry solidly in place in Fukui.
Jacques Marie Mage (JMM) is a Los Angeles-based producer of limited-edition designer goods that specialize in the micro-production of artisanal eyewear.
Drawing inspiration from across continents, cultures, and generations, JMM combines world-class craftsmanship with advanced production methods, embracing an array of rich materials, bold geometric shapes, and exuberance of attitude to create impeccably crafted spectacles that elegantly infuse historical motifs with a modern sensibility.
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