See Clear, Stay Safe

Clear and comfortable vision is a priority, especially when driving. It is important for the safety of you and your passengers, not to mention everyone else on the road!

To optimise your vision while driving, follow these simple tips:

– Ensure you wear the correct and most up to date prescription glasses or contact lenses
– Keep a lens cloth in your spectacle case to ensure the lenses are clean and smudge free
– Carry a spare pair of glasses in your glove compartment in case something should happen to your main pair, do not risk driving home without your prescription
– Discuss reflection-free lens coatings with your optician
– Consider polarised tinted lenses to reduce glare during the day – and never wear tinted lenses or sunglasses at night or in poor visibility
– Explore the new DriveSafe lenses to reduce glare from headlights at night, these lenses are designed to provide a smooth transition from focusing on the road to your dashboard or rear view mirror. They also come with specialised reflection free coatings which block more reflections than standard anti-reflection coatings.
– Book an MOT of your driving spectacles every year