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Diabetic Monitoring

Hodd Barnes & Dickins has been an approved Diabetic Eye Screening Centre since 1997. Over ten years of experience has led to significant growth and development in this field, enabling us to monitor many diabetic patients on a regular basis.

It is essential for anyone with diabetes to keep up to date with their routine diabetic eye screenings. Otherwise, they are at risk of damaging their eyes from diabetic retinopathy; a condition that can lead to sight loss if left untreated.

Our expert optometrists have access to advanced equipment and are up to date with the latest techniques to keep track of any changes in the eyes associated with diabetes.

We have an OCT scanner in practice which is at the forefront of optical technology, to examine any changes in even more detail.

This machine electronically logs scan results on your patient record each time. Reports can also be formed from scan results that can be sent as a referral to hospital departments and GP surgeries, if necessary.

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