Sports Vision

Every athlete is always looking at enhancing one’s performance and the quality of one’s vision plays a critical role in it. In simple words, sports vision refers to the enhancement of one’s athletic performance through the use of visual training and safety procedures. It also involves eye safety procedures.

Thus, sports vision comprises of methods to enhance one’s visual quality based on the specific sport one plays and the conditions prevalent in that sport, while also providing protection to the athletes’ eyes. For example, the sports vision requirements for golf will be very different from cycling or swimming or sailing or skiing or, racquet sports like tennis. Sports vision solutions come in both prescription and non-prescription options for maximum comfort and performance.

We, at Hodd, Barnes & Dickins, Holborn, offer the Oakley Sports Eyewear to fulfill all your sports vision needs. With nearly 600 patents, Oakley Sports Eyewear is functional, durable, highly specialised, and stylish. There is a specific range of eyewear for each sport along with the choice of lenses and tints for performance enhancement. One of our specialist team members would be glad to walk you through all of it to help you choose the exact piece of eyewear suited to your sporting needs!

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