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Sports Vision

We offer advice and supply a wide range of protective and fashionable eyewear to enhance your experience in a number of sports where protective eyewear is useful or advised such as cyclingskiing, swimming, golf, sailing and racquet sports.

The eyewear offers maximum protection against serious eye injuries and exposure to ultra-violet radiation when outdoors, with the added bonus of being stylish. These are available in prescription and non-prescription options allowing people to see their maximum.

This in conjunction with a variety of individualised tints not only helps maintain healthy vision, but offers exceptional visual comfort in different sporting environments.

We have recently taken on Zeal Optics Skiing goggles providing visual clarity in any condition by adding a dual lens construction, which creates a temperature barrier between the elements outside and your eyes reducing fogging and enhancing comfort. it also has a spherical lens shape allowing for maximum stress dispersion throughout the frame. These elements provide the perfect combination of strength and performance in any condition.

These are available in standard or polarised lenses, however they have recently introduced a new lens which is called the automatic polarised lens which is polarised thus reducing glare but also changes in colour depending on light conditions.

The newest innovation they have brought to the market is the tech series, which consists of the HD2 camera goggle allowing you to capture your skiing experience.

Contact Lenses are also an option and are usually the correction of choice in most sports. This gives you the opportunity to improve your peripheral vision giving you the maximum field of vision possible. Contact lenses allow for you to wear any protective glasses over the top of them whatever sports you are playing.

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