Showcasing Hoffmann Natural Eyewear In London

If you have an allergy to plastic glasses frames, you may be concerned about narrowing down your options when it comes to picking the perfect pair of glasses. But stylish eyewear doesn’t stop at acetate and metal. At Hodd Barnes and Dickins our extensive collection is fashioned from an array of premium quality materials, including natural, hypoallergenic wood and horn.

An allergy can manifest in a number of ways – you might experience itchiness, redness or rashes where your frames are in contact with your skin. Reactions differ from person to person, and if you experience any of the above symptoms you should talk to a member of our team about your options.

One of the designers they may point you towards is Hoffmann horn glasses. A pioneering brand famous for crafting spectacles from natural, hypoallergenic materials, Hoffmann uses horn to forge a timeless aesthetic that sits in harmony with your features. The collection is crafted with unique style and exceptional comfort in mind, making Hoffmann horn glasses some of the most desirable spectacles on the planet – and the ideal match for those affected by an allergy to other glasses frames.

So what makes horn such an exceptional material for eyewear? Hoffmann Horn glasses use the finest Asian water buffalo horn, which boasts rich, warm shades and unparalleled light-reflecting qualities. Each pair of frames is completely unique, and wearers can choose from an array of shades from mottled greys, to deep browns, to white. In addition, horn is 35% lighter than acetate, lending itself to a supremely comfortable fit. And by opting for Hoffmann horn glasses you can rest assured you’re making a sustainable choice, as the designer makes a point of ethically sourcing materials and only uses horn from buffalo which have passed away naturally from old age.

So where did the pioneering Hoffmann story begin?

Founded in Germany 1978, Hoffmann built a heritage status around its commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and quality. Experienced artisans make the eyewear by hand with meticulous attention to detail, using a plethora of traditional techniques and innovative ideas to ensure each individual pair of frames is crafted to perfection.

The iconic Hoffmann aesthetic was spawned from its founder’s fascination with natural horn. Joseph Hoffmann so admired the material that he began to experiment, and he found its qualities – hardwearing, malleable and beautifully translucent – ideal for crafting spectacle frames. Armed with courage and expertise, Joseph forged ahead and opened his tiny Eifel eyewear workshop with a few local craftspeople. From these humble beginnings, the brand now employs 90 people and the handcrafted frames ship to over 50 countries around the globe.
The designer continues to experiment with an array of other natural materials including wood, slate, silks, alpaca hair and even the finest gold. So it’s easy to see why Hoffmann horn glasses have captured the imagination of eyewear connoisseurs around the globe.

If you’re affected by an allergy to plastic glasses frames, don’t let it get in the way of embracing stylish eyewear – visit the Hodd Barnes and Dickins practice to try on the latest collection of Hoffmann Natural horn glasses today.