Silhouette Eyewear – As Good As Wearing Nothing!

When Anneliese and Arnold Schmied founded Silhouette International Schmied AG in 1964, they envisioned glasses to be an accessory aiding vision and enhancing appearance. Today, 50+ years later, Silhouette glasses and Silhouette sunglasses command an iconic status in the eyewear space globally. Weighing barely 1.8 grams, these rimless hingeless and screwless beauties are so light and comfortable that it’s as good as wearing nothing! Titan Minimal Art (TMA) range is what hit it off for Silhouette 20 years ago radically revolutionising the eyewear industry and continues to be the brand’s hallmark.

Silhouette eyewear has been a game changer with its futuristic vision and approach, innovation, inventiveness, technological breakthroughs, and passion to create the most sophisticated, exquisite, stylish, and weightless eyewear. No wonder then that Silhouette is the official NASA eyewear, and Silhouette glasses and Silhouette sunglasses, offering custom fit, anti-slip and anti-pinch comfort, have been worn by NASA astronauts on 35 space missions.

Their passion and commitment to quality, perfection, exceptional aesthetics and unparalleled manual craftsmanship has translated into Silhouette eyewear being exclusively manufactured in-house in the manufacturing facility at Linz, Austria, where the company is also headquartered.

It’s difficult to fathom that the elegant and minimalist looking Silhouette glasses and Silhouette sunglasses are made 80% by hand, going through around 270 production processes and 15 quality checks over a span of 40 days, including 80 hours of polishing before being further polished and assembled by hand.

The finest, latest and most innovative materials along with design that echoes the current trends while retaining a classic touch makes Silhouette eyewear a prized possession to be proud of! 100% family owned till date and available in over 100 countries, Silhouette glasses and Silhouette sunglasses can be grabbed in London at Hodd, Barnes & Dickins, Holborn.