Snapchat Specs: The Future (Or Not) Of Eyewear?

When it comes to #smartglasses technology there’s a new cool kid on the block.  Following in Google, Samsung and Microsoft’s wake, Snapchat is the latest tech goliath to foray into high tech specs.  But rather than wait for complex artificial intelligence capabilities to be ready, the savvy social media giant has created a pair of specs with one simple function – to record 10 second snippets of your life as seen through your eyes.

So are these specs set for a world takeover?  Or are they just a teenage gimmick?

HBD Snapchat spectacles

Cool and easy to use spectacles Snapchat UK

Simplicity of look and function admittedly makes these glasses an instant consumer hit.  Featuring a built-in camera with a 115-degree lens, the specs are engineered to replicate human vision.  To capture a video, you simply tap a button on the side of the frames.  The glasses will automatically stop recording after 10 seconds (though you can record up to 30 seconds by tapping again) and they can store 200 clips.  Snapchat spectacles London are compatible with both iOS and Android, and clips transfer onto your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Snapchat Spectacles London come in three bold colours – teal, coral pink and black – and arrive encased in the brand’s signature bright yellow.  These are fun specs to have fun with, and the pop-art finish reflects the carefree spirit in which they’re clearly designed to be worn.

So they’re simple, they’re good-looking and until now their ‘hype capital’ has been boosted by the fact they’ve been bogglingly tricky to get your hands on.  Initially Snapchat only issued them through special vending machines that popped up in mystery locations around the USA.  But now finally spectacles Snapchat UK have landed on British shores and will be available to buy from a vending machine by the London Eye and online here.

So what does all this mean for eyewear?  Are they really as revolutionary as they profess?  And will spectacles Snapchat UK trigger a wave of tech-infused prescription eyewear?  With Google Glass, Microsoft Hololens and Samsung’s recent patent for smart contact lenses, Silicon Valley clearly thinks so.

There’s no doubt that wearable technology is a growing trend – with smart watches and health trackers leading the way – so we’re fascinated to see how eyewear becomes increasingly connected to our digital devices.  Indeed, with advances in artificial intelligence, it’s not too difficult to foresee a future where this technology can be integrated into normal specs – constantly keeping us plugged into our emails, new alerts, social media messages, and information about the world around us.  As one of the leading opticians in the UK, it’s a future we’re excited to be at the forefront of.

But however excited we are about the futuristic potential of eyewear, we’re also acutely aware that many of us aren’t so keen on becoming digital cyborgs.  There are no doubt plenty of benefits to ‘smart vision’, but can you imagine a life constantly interrupted by notifications scrolling past your vision, weather reports and promotions from nearby shops?  Snapchat spectacles London are quirky and youth-skewing, but in their current state we believe this fun piece of technology will remain a playful gadget rather than a life-enhancing tool.

And although we’re intrigued by what some are calling the ‘smartglasses revolution,’ we think there’ll always be room for a pair of good old-fashioned frames crafted to last, not to recharge.