The HBD Guide to the Hottest 2018 Eyewear Trends

As we cruise towards the end of 2018, the team at Hodd Barnes and Dickins is looking forward to the New Year and introducing you to the latest SS18 eyewear trends.  And it turns out there’s a lot to get excited about…

International designers are going bigger, brighter and bolder with their frames, using colour, texture and outlandish shapes to draw the spotlight onto eyewear as a must-have fashion accessory.  When it comes to glasses in 2018, minimalism is ‘so last year’.

To get you up to speed on ‘what’s hot’ in the New Year, we’ve pulled out the latest eye-popping trends to inspire your next pair of head-turning spectacles…

It’s All in the Detail

World-renowned brands are going all out on extraordinary detailing across their eyewear collections, with haute couture embellishments ranging from eccentric tassels, to floral enamel, to glitter-infused acetates.  These SS18 eyewear trends are set to make a big statement in 2018, and intriguing details are featured across our premium collections, including brands such as Chrome Hearts, Chopard and Anne Et Valentine.

Haute Couture Shades               Round Sunglasses SS18

Haute Couture shades from the SS18 eyewear trends catwalk

The Rounder the Better

Taking inspiration from the 70s, round frames have made a professional comeback this year on the faces of fashion influencers, entrepreneurs and creatives alike.  And the classic trend will continue to evolve in 2018.  Popular in tortoiseshell acetate and retro wire varieties, the style is endlessly adaptable for men and women, whilst edgy bridges and temples endow each pair with individual panache.  One of the key SS18 eyewear trends, an array of our favourite brands are going rounder for the New Year – try the look for yourself with Oliver Peoples, MYKITA and Savile Row.

SS18 Round Glasses              Round Prescription Glasses

Round specs featured on the catwalks for SS18 eyewear trends

Size Matters

It seems designers have opted for bigger-is-better for 2018, with shades and prescription glasses framed with chunky coloured acetates.  Head-turning shapes have inspired stunning women’s collections from Dita, Chanel and Dior, and slick men’s ranges from Tom Ford and Hoffman Horn.  So why not make your glasses the focal point of your wardrobe and go big for a guaranteed stand-out-look for SS18.

Oversized Yellow Glasses               Oversized Sunglasses SS18

Bigger is better with these oversized specs fresh from the catwalks

Out of Space

Designer eyewear is lifting off in the New Year, with out-of-this-world collections featuring space age shapes and bold monochrome lines.  These futuristic SS18 eyewear trends have featured heavily on the catwalks, blending high fashion and sci-fi with blackout and tinted lenses, whilst wide yet thin frames make for a striking urban look.  Keep your eye out for these intergalactic specs in 2018.

Sci-Fi Glasses               SS18 Futureistic Glasses

Brit Pop meets Sci-Fi in this intergalactic SS18 eyewear trends

With so many stunning new frames to choose from, Hodd Barnes and Dickins is proud to stock the latest and greatest SS18 eyewear trends.  So if you’re looking for a slick new look in the New Year, why not visit the practice and try on our stunning SS18 designer collections?