The HBD Work Eyewear Style Guide

Many of us spend over 2,000 hours at the office every year, balancing a busy work schedule with an equally hectic social life in the evenings. That’s 230 days a year of wearing work attire!

Some of you may lament the office dress code, but at Hodd Barnes and Dickins we think your work wardrobe can be far from boring. A smart suit is the epitome of London City style for both men and women, and eyewear is the ideal way to set off your office look with individual flair. Spectacles have long been associated with intelligence, but could they also be a stylistic cue to your next promotion?

To help you get ahead, here’s our short guide to selecting the perfect frame to channel your professional personality.


Go rimless to channel assertiveness in the office.

Rimless glasses have been a staple style of business leaders (e.g. Steve Jobs), Hollywood stars (e.g. George Clooney) and royalty (e.g. Queen Elizabeth) alike, and they could also be an excellent way to boost your professional style kudos. Over the years, globally renowned brands such as Lindberg have utilised the latest optical technology to engineer these near-invisible spectacles that are feather-light and classically styled.

Their simple design gives them an understated elegance – ideal for balancing out assertive business attire, both during working hours and evening entertainment.

Brands: Lindberg, Silhouette, Starck


BLUE BLOCK ROUND OPTICALS are ideal for projecting a desire to innovate

A long-time favourite of entrepreneurs, BLUE BLOCK ROUND OPTICALS offer an edgier look that could give you the edge in the office style stakes. Bold designs from the likes of Tom Ford emanate entrepreneurial gravitas, reflecting on your professional drive and innovative work outlook.

Power-pair with navy suits/dresses and white shirts for pitch-ready style in the day, and roll up your sleeves and undo a few buttons to mingle with the start-up crowd by night.

Brands: Tom Ford Private Collection, Oliver Peoples, Hoffman Horn


Be recognized for your creativity with intricate detailing on classic frames

If you’re looking for recognition for your creative flair in the office, then we’d suggest it’s all in the detail. Look for eyewear brands that twist classic shapes with intricate detailing – such as luxury-meets-rock star brand Chrome Hearts – to showcase your imaginative approach. Not only should these frames turn heads, they’ll also radiate confidence and highlight your perfectionist eye.

And with creative eyewear, you can afford to go bold with your office attire. Opt for subtle tartan weaves, pinstripes or tweeds to further emphasize your workplace individuality.

Brands: Chrome Hearts, Ann Valentine, Savile Row


Both literally and metaphorically clear-rimmed glasses emphasize transparency, making you both approachable and assertive in the work place – not to mention they’re the must-have eyewear trend for 2019/2020. And the absence of colour makes them easy to match with all work (and play) attire.

If you’re a manager or mentor, these frames project a personality that is both professional and approachable, whilst also reflecting the air of a person who thinks differently and is happy to go for a post-work drink.

Brands: Lindberg, Andy Wolf

So if you’re looking to channel your work personality with a pair of the latest designer frames, browse our range online or visit our practice where a member of our expert dispensing team can recommend eyewear absolutely suited to your features, life and style.