The Hot Box: Maui Jim Sunglasses in London

Move over Ray-Ban, there’s a new shade in town.

Fresh from the shores of Hawaii, Maui Jim is fast becoming the most sought-after sunglasses designer amongst the global fashion elite. The brand was launched in 1980 as a small business selling shades on beaches and hotel pool desks in Hawaii. Maui Jim sunglasses were introduced to the United States in 1988, and have since gone on to conquer the hearts, minds and faces of surfers, entrepreneurs and global fashion influencers alike.

The designer now offers over 125 different sunglasses styles, stocked in some of the most exclusive opticians practices around the globe. And Hodd Barnes and Dickins is proud to be counted among them.

Inspired by its colourful motherland, Maui Jim’s philosophy revolves around the fact that “colour and light are the key to human experience,” and it makes bold use of both in its latest collection. Adding an edgy splash of colour to a largely neutral eyewear palette, Maui Jim sunglasses in London are simultaneously daring and timeless, laid back and sleek, smart and casual. And due to their use of world-class acetate and finishing techniques, your Maui Jim shades will stay in tip-top condition for many many years to come.

But it wasn’t just the designer’s high quality range of on-trend styles that caught our eye. As well as stocking one of the widest ranges of designer sunglasses in London, Hodd Barnes and Dickins constantly strives to offer our customers the best optical technology in the world, and it’s a mission that forward-thinking designer Maui Jim shares.

It’s easy to forget that in addition to being a symbol of ‘effortless cool,’ sunglasses’ primary purpose is to protect your eyes from harmful rays from the sun. With this front of mind, every pair of Maui Jim frames comes fitted with revolutionary PolarizedPlus2® lenses which offer unparalleled protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. But as well as blocking 100% of these damaging rays, Maui Jim lenses feature amazing technology which allows wearers to experience the full spectrum of colours – all 16,777,216 hues – enabling you to see with incredible clarity and detail, whilst combating the sun’s intense glare.

It’s no wonder that Maui Jim has been voted as the ‘Best Sunglasses Company’ in Vision Monday and 20/20 Magazine’s Reader’s Choice awards for the last two years.

Here at Hodd Barnes and Dickins, we handpicked Maui Jim designer sunglasses in London for the practice due to the designer’s attention to detail and eye for exceptional quality. Here are a few of our favourite designs from the latest collection:

Stunning Maui Jim sunglasses in London

Stunning Maui Jim sunglasses in London from the latest collection 

Polarised Sunglasses  - Maui Jim Sunglasses

Incredible eye for detail in Maui Jim sunglasses in London

With their cool frames and high technology lenses, Maui Jim sunglasses make the perfect addition to your summer look, whether you’re walking to work in London or basking in some holiday sun. So if you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your summer with a new pair of head-turning designer sunglasses in London, why not come into the practice and try on the latest collection of Maui Jim sunglasses in London?