The Perfect Guide To Choosing The Right Glasses

Here are some top tips in helping you choose the right glasses that make you look good!

We know that choosing the right pair of glasses can be daunting…

A common question we often get asked is, “What frames best suit my face shape”. When choosing an appropriate frame, our image of ourselves is the most important factor to consider. One type is not enough to suit all your angles. You want to make sure you have an impressive pair of glasses since you will potentially have them for the next few years.

Our professional staff will give you honest and expert advice in finding the right pair for you.  They will help in eliminating common pitfalls like ill-fitting frames and a visual correction that does not work for you.

Everyone’s facial features are unique!

Face shapes to consider

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Heart
  • Diamond

Choose a frame that suits your face, this is personal and our staff will make sure that your choice of shape really suits you. We’re always bringing in the most outstanding, fashionable pair of frames into our practice.

We always say, “The glasses should always be a part of you and not the glasses-wearing you”. Eyewear today has become a huge part of fashion worldwide. You also need to consider what colour works well with your wardrobe style as well as complementing your personality and lifestyle. We stock a variety of colours so once you’ve chosen the optimum shape, with our guidance, you can opt to have a second pair in a different shade.”

Our Magic Formula:

Your Face + your personality + Frames = How you feel in glasses

Eyewear should be a part of who you are, your frames can say a lot about you. We always like to engage with yourself and get to know more about your personality, what your hobbies are so we can base our recommendations accordingly. Selecting frames shouldn’t be solely based on its aesthetics, but on how comfortable they are and how it makes you feel.

It’s great to have multiple pairs of glasses, for example:

Everyday main pair

For the office at work or at college, simple clean-cut unobtrusive frames are smart to wear.

Weekend pair

This is a more outgoing, extravagant, fun pair that gives off a bold statement.

Extra protection

We wear glasses to improve our eyesight and protect our eyes from glare and sun damage. This pair could be Sunwear, sports, safety spectacles, etc…

We urge you to take your time, there’s no rush, we’re here to help YOU choose.

We do our BEST to support your customer.