The Story of Chanel

Chanel eyewear has been making a fashion statement since its debut. The bold styles stay true to Chanel heritage and all eyewear designs contain aspects that pay homage to the brand’s origin.

Each frame has a story to tell. For example, a classic quilting pattern can be found on many designs in collections old and new as Coco Chanel spent much of her childhood sewing at the orphanage within the convent she grew up in. The block pattern seen on frames from the 2015 collection represents the simplicity of Coco Chanel’s romantic relationship with Boy Capel. The classic logo of two interlaced letter ‘C’s is another give away that a frame is undoubtedly Chanel.

All Chanel eyewear is made from the highest quality polished acetate. The tweed style acetate frames use patterns exclusive to brand. Each decoration attached to a Chanel frame is handmade and assembled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The Chanel eyewear range has a wide selection of prescription glasses and sunglass frames to choose from. Whether you are a long time admirer of Chanel’s high fashion products or you are already the proud owner of a Chanel clutch or bag, Chanel eyewear collection offers an opportunity to own a unique piece of this iconic brand.