Two-Way Sunglasses Get Public Exposure

round sunglassesBritish Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton is known for a fairly unique fashion sense. Recently, he’s been seen around London in two-way sunglasses, which flip down over his large, round corrective lenses when needed. It’s noteworthy that his eyewear garnered some attention at a time when the fashion press didn’t seem to take notice of any new-release sunglasses in London Fashion Week.

It’s also interesting to note that Hamilton’s choice of sunglasses at London public appearances is relevant to two recent topics at this very blog. Firstly, we pointed out in May that fashion conscious Londoners were anticipating that round sunglasses would be a hot new trend this summer, especially among women. Now it seems that at least one celebrity has not only latched onto that trend but broadened it to encompass London men’s sunglasses.

In addition, a June post introduced readers to Silhouette’s new Titan One. You can find these durable and minimalist glasses in Holborn at Hodd, Barnes & Dickins, where they can also be outfitted with clip-on “Style Shades” to convert them into sunglasses. While the visual impression is much different from Hamilton’s two-way shades, both of these fashion-conscious alternatives for London sunglasses exhibit the same versatility for both everyday use and outdoor summer wear.