Why You Should Service Your Spectacles

When you first buy your Spectacles you instantly love them. You handle them with as much care as possible to make sure nothing happens to them and that they stay perfect, just the way you bought them. Over time, however, as you use them more and we neglect them a little.  This is where we come in and offer a complimentary M.O.T.

Each and every pair of Spectacles is different, from the materials, the manufacturing to the style itself therefore each M.O.T is very different and personal.

Most Common Materials used in Spectacle Manufacturer:

  • Cellulose Acetate
  • Titanium
  • Metal alloys including nickel
  • Buffalo horn

Different frame materials require different needs for example the Buffalo horn will require regular waxing and polishing in order to maintain the shine on the frame. On the other hand, titanium will just require a good clean and tightening of the hinges due to the material being robust. The more we service and maintain the condition of the frames, the longer they will we can enjoy them.

What is included in a glasses M.O.T?

  • Inspection and cleaning of lenses and frames
  • Tightening of hinges and screws
  • Adjusting frames on clients so they sit comfortably
  • Polishing if required in specialist frames
  • Changing of nose-pads, arm grips in frames such as LINDBERG

We recommend servicing your glasses every 6 months to ensure the condition of the frame is monitored and the lenses are free from blemishes.

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