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The HBD Work Eyewear Style Guide

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Many of us spend over 2,000 hours at the office every year, balancing a busy work schedule with an equally hectic social life in the evenings. That’s 230 days a year of wearing work attire! Some of you may... Read More


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Here at Hodd Barnes and Dickins we’re always on the look out for the latest eyewear trends from all corners of the globe, so we’re excited to announce the addition of a chic new designer to our collection – Andy... Read More

Silhouette Eyewear – As Good As Wearing Nothing!

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When Anneliese and Arnold Schmied founded Silhouette International Schmied AG in 1964, they envisioned glasses to be an accessory aiding vision and enhancing appearance. Today, 50+ years later, Silhouette glasses and... Read More

There’s Oakley Sports Sunglasses For Every Activity

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Showcasing Hoffmann Natural Eyewear In London

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For The Love Of LINDBERG Glasses In London!

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Though Poul-Jørn Lindberg and his wife Hanne started Lindberg Optik in Arhus, Denmark in 1969, the Lindberg story really took off in 1985 with the invention of the Air Titanium range. It was a groundbreaking... Read More

All That’s Polarised Isn’t Maui Jim

By hbdadminopti on January 31, 2019
From its humble origins on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii, at the hands of Jim Richards, to becoming the third largest producer of sunglasses in the world, headquartered at Peoria, Illinois, Maui Jim has come a long way.... Read More